Purple Haze Strain


Buy Purple Haze marijuana strain is a psychedelic Sativa flower. Berry-flavored and high in THC, this cerebral herb is a natural headache reliever. Named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix song, this old-school Sativa provides a nearly psychedelic experience. Easy to grow with a delicious earthy, berry aroma, you’re in for a treat with Purple Haze. Expert consumers will enjoy the cerebral elevation this high-THC strain provides.

THC: 17% | CBD: 0.12%
Strain Type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Blueberry, Earthy, Fruity, Grape, Spicy, Sweet
Feels like: Laughing, Sexual, Social, Energetic, Creative
Similar Strains: G-13Mango KushJamaican

Purple Haze Strain
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