Lemon Thai Strain


Buy Lemon Thai weed strain on Hight Vally online today! Lemon Thai is a sativa strain that is great for creativity and energy. It is a cross between Thai and a Hawaiian landrace strain. Its Thai genetics produce a very cerebral effect and thought provoking high. Lemon Thai strain, as the name suggests, smells strikingly similar to lemon juice. The THC percentage varies greatly depending on growing conditions, usually between 10% and 22%. Lemon Thai marijuana strain induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Boosts energy and creativity, improve focus, uplifts mood. Relieves stress and depression, helps with nausea. Has good analgesic properties. May cause mild couchlock and paranoia.

THC: 19.5%  |  CBD: 0.65%
Strain type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Lemon, Orange, Bubblegum
Feels like: Uplifted, Hungry, Focused, Energizing
Similar Strains: Jack HererGreen Crack and Super Lemon Haze

Lemon Thai Strain
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