Blue Dream Strain

Buy Blue Dream weed strain on High Vally Cannabis online today! Blue Dream marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with 19% active THC, that offers an uplifting and mood-enhancing experience for both connoisseurs and newbies alike. This cannabis flower is a cross between a Blueberry Indica and a Haze Sativa that is recognized as one of the most popular strains on the west coast. The cannabinoids in Blue dream strain make it an excellent option for those looking to relieve pain, nausea, or depression. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the Sativa-leaning variety remains the most prevalent.

THC: 18.50%
CBD: 2.49%
Strain Type: HYBRID
Taste & smells like: Blueberry, Skunk, Musky
Feels like: Euphoric, Mellow, Uplifted, Happy, Creative
Similar Strains: Trainwreck, Green Crack and Green Ribbon

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