AK-47 Strain


Buy AK-47 weed strain on High Vally Cannabis online today! AK-47 marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by Serious Seeds. This Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain provides a mellow, relaxing high that lasts for hours. The sour and earthy scents give way to a rather floral taste when smoked. AK-47 marijuana induces euphoric and uplifting cerebral high along with the pleasantly creative buzz, promotes laughter and social interactions. First-time users be aware, this girl delivers a strong punch due to high THC levels – consume too much and end up in a couch-lock. The bud is good for morning and daytime use.

THC: 24.50%  |  CBD: 1.85%
Strain Type: HYBRID
Taste & smells like: Skunk, Earth, Musky
Feels like: Uplifted, Happy, Creative
Similar Strains: Afwreck, Purple Diesel and Skunk #1

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AK-47 Strain
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